Wednesday, 24 December 2008

table decoration

The winter solstice got me thinking about bringing some holy and ivy into the house. We have some decorating our yule log and in the wreathe over the fireplace but I wanted to bring some to my parents on Christmas day.

I haven't done any flower arranging before so it was all a bit trial and error. I found a small terracotta plant pot and brought a round piece of oasis that fitted in the top. I was hoping the glue gun would secure it but that wasn't a great success. I think a bigger piece of oasis so it can be pushed right to the bottom of the pot would be better. I pushed the candle in the top then used the glue gun again to make it a bit more secure.

I cut lots of holy, ivy, rosemary, and lavender in longish lengths, most of which I ended up cutting down so it didn't get too mad.

I started at the bottom of the oasis and worked up to the top where the candle is. Starting with the holy, then smaller ivy sprigs and finally filling in the gaps with smaller lavender and rosemary.

Keep turning it round as you go so it looks good from every angle. I also left one sprig of holy longer than the rest so the whole thing had some shape rather than being round. One really handy thing to do is cut some individual big ivy leaves because they can be placed exactly where you want and fill any holes.

As all the red berries have been eaten I made my own by threading red beads onto wire and pushing them into the oasis in random places so it doesn't look to regular

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