Wednesday, 22 August 2012


It's not easy taking photos of Grace, she loves investigating the camera which means as soon as I get it out she comes hurtling over and tried to get various bits of it in her mouth. I have lots of blurred pics of her zooming towards me. I finally managed to get a few of her in the two latest dresses.

The arm holes are a bit big, perfect for the very hot weather we have had recently, but I think it looks really cute over the pink grow and leggins.

The reversible dress. With matching snack pot and sippy cup!

Friday, 3 August 2012

towel time

There are many over priced, unnecessary baby gadgets in the world but baby towels, square ones with hoods, are actually a good idea. The right shape for wrapping a wriggly baby and the hood keeps little heads warm (and provides a good game of peek-a-boo).
As my amazonian child is growing at a vast rate, a bigger towel was needed. I had an old white bath sheet that I planned to re-use and lots of grand ideas for applique designs and coloured bias binding. In the end it turned into another can-I-get-this-done-before-she-wakes-up projects.

I cut the towel down to a square and cut the hood piece out of the remainder. I used a plate to get a nice curve on the top of the hood. As I was in time saving mode I used the already finished edge for the front of the hood and only put the bias binding down the two sides that held the hood in place. Not only did I get it done during a nap but I also had time to have a nice chat with a friend.