Thursday, 9 December 2010


With a baby on the way for the family I have got carried away looking at all the fab things I can make for babies. I was looking for a stuffed toy pattern and when I cam across this chicken I knew it was the one! It is by Melly and Me and was an easy enough pattern to follow but rather fiddly. I think next time I'll make the chicks wings bigger. In fact I might make the chicks slightly bigger in general as I now know how much my god daughter likes sucking the chicks!

I had great fun looking through my now colour co-ordinated fabric as I knew I wanted all the chicks to be different. Since making the first baby book I have had an urge to sort all my material by colour. I finally acted on it the other day which made choosing the fabrics so much easier.

another baby book

After the success of the first baby book (that my fabulous god daughter just loves) I was waiting for an excuse to make another. Luckily my sister has provided me that excuse. As we don't know what the new baby will be I decided to go for an underwater/beach theme this time. I came up with some nice simple fish designs but it turns out that octopus are not easy to draw! And then to complicate it further I wanted to have parts of the book that you could lift up, including two of the octopus legs.

To make the parts that lift up, I stiffened both sides with interfacing, cut the shapes out bigger than I needed then marked out the shape. The shapes were put together right side out, I followed the shape with the zig zag stitch then trimmed it back to the stitching.

The octopus was made in several parts so the legs could overlap.