Tuesday, 16 December 2008

bath bombs

Well bath cubes really

I been having a bit of an experiment with the bath cubes. I ran two small workshops last week where everyone brought some different shaped ice cube trays to try out. It seams that lots of shape will work, especially in the soft rubber trays. But to get them working really well you need to wait until they are really dry, a good couple of hours. We had pretty good success with hearts, fish and stars.

  • The texture needs to be just damp enough to hold together when you press it with the back of a spoon
  • I've noticed that a little too much water means they stay a bit soggy in the middle and wont come out of the tray. Just leave them for another couple of hours until they are thoroughly dry.
  • I made a batch the other day that had a really lumpy texture on the top. The only thing I can think was that the house was very humid from making marmalade!
  • Work quickly to fill the trays otherwise the mix starts to dry out and wont hold together. Some of the trickier shaped trays meant filling them took longer

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