Sunday, 7 December 2008

bath melts

This morning I finally had time to try out a bath melt recipe that I have had for a while. Instead of using bicarb and being fizzy, this recipe uses coco butter and makes a solid oil cube that melts in the bath. As well as the coco butter it has creamed coconut, honey, ground oats and almond oil and I chose to add a little vanilla oil too. I think vanilla is perfect with the warm chocolaty smell of coco butter.

It was an easy recipe, just melt the coco butter in a double boiler, add the creamed coconut, mix everything else together and add it to the coco butter. The only trouble I had was that the gluten in the oats went goopy so it didn't mix in very well, just made a sticky layer at the bottom. In the end I poured the oil mix into an ice cube tray and scooped in the goo at the end. The only trouble with that is when I turned them out (after chilling them in the fridge) they have a darker sticky blob on the top that doesn't look appealing. Oats are soothing so it would be a shame to leave them out, perhaps I just need to be quicker with the mixing next time.

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