Monday, 29 October 2012

blog overhaul

I have been meaning to change the look this blog for ages but I had made life difficult for my self with it's first incarnation. I wanted rounded corners on the photos and ended up doing it manually in the Gimp by adding rounded corners and filling with the background colour of the blog. This meant that any change would either mean keeping the dark green background, which I wanted to get rid of, or re-doing all of the photos - all together too much faff.

In the end I modified this template to give me a green boarder and Mark helped me to get the nice rounded corners with a very small tweak of the CSS. Rest of the colours are taken from the photo.

Now I have more space I can have nice large photos. The older posts are not laid out as well as I'd like because I uploaded small photos but don't have the time or willingness to sort that out! I like the new brighter look, it's just a shame the photo of the ribbon is not mine... I'll work on that for the next overhaul.

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