Sunday, 12 January 2014

trouser mad

I've gone a bit trouser made over the past few months. Grace has been growing fast and suddenly it was winter and she had no warm trousers that were long enough. I wanted a nice simple two piece trouser pattern and I know Rae makes some nice patterns so I bought her parsley pants pattern.

Now she does say it is a slim fitting pattern but Grace is pretty much in big girl pants now so I thought I be ok. The first pair I made are these lovely moleskin ones with pin tucks. Unfortunately the pin tucks just make them too narrow to get over her chubby thighs, even without nappies. They do fit but she complains they are tight.

I've had acres of the moleskin for ages and I am on a mission to use up some of my stash. It doesn't wash very well, as you can see but it is warm.

So the second pair had to be out of the moleskin too as it is so cozy. I couldn't bring my self to make a repeat pair, even though I love the pin tucks, so I went for different pockets. I added an extra inch to the width and they are a much better fit. It also made me happy that the pockets used up some small scraps.

The third pair are super cozy and made of fleece. In my mind I have huge amounts of fleece, but when I came to make these I realised that I don't have any big pieces any more. Which is why they have one orange leg at the back and orange cuffs. I might not have chosen to make them that way but I think they have turned out pretty funky, and did I mention they are so cozy!

The fourth pair are from Rae's big butt baby pants, another great pattern and super easy to make. I caved in and bought this fabric before Christmas, how could I refuse! These trousers are a Christmas present for my great nephew (penny if you are reading this close your eyes). He doesn't have them yet and he growing hugely, I hope they still fit when he gets them!

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