Sunday, 28 July 2013

lavender bomb

I haven't made one of these in years, it's a nice way to make a pretty lavender bag and use up some ribbon.

You need an odd number of fresh, long lavender stems, I used nine. Pick them on a sunny day so the flowers dry. Tie them together to make bunch, shuffle them about so you get a longish bunch.

Fold the stalks back on them selves to make a cage over the flowers and even out the 'bars'.

Hold the stems quite firmly and start weaving the ribbon in and out of the stems. Do this by releasing one stem at a time, try not to bend the stems. Pull the ribbon quite tight, and keep the rows close together, you want to keep all the flowers in as they dry.

Keep going until you have covered all the flowers then tie off the ribbon.

Use another piece of ribbon for a bow and add a hanging loop if you want.

I used 8mm ribbon. If you use more stems and make a bigger bunch you might want to use a wider ribbon.

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