Wednesday, 17 June 2009

15min project

In the midst of doing several other things Wednesday I decided to make the glass that I am using as a pen holder into something a little more special. So I dug out the glass paint, found some suitable stickers and and within minutes it was done!

Spray glass paint gives a really nice finish over large areas as you don't get brush marks and stickers work really well as a mask to create patterns. I used a frosting spray rather than coloured glass paint.

How To
  1. Clean the glass with soap, and dry it thoroughly
  2. Arrange the stickers and make sure they are stuck down well
  3. Spray the glass, I did 2 thin coats
  4. When it is dry peel the stickers off

  • Follow the instructions for how long you need to shake the tin and how far to hold it away from your glass.
  • The biggest mistake is to hold the spray paint too close to the glass, that makes the paint too thick and then it runs.
  • I have found with glass spray paints it is much better to do a couple of thin coats, that way you get a nice even finish without runs
  • Stickers work really for making patterns as they are regular and they are all ready sticky
  • Ware gloves - you will get it on your hands!
This really did only take 15mins, It took me longer to take the photos and write the blog!


Kathryn Jones said...

very inspiring especially given that we are exchanging glass for our wooden connecting hatch!!!

Nic said...

Ah glad you found this - I was going to send you the link:-) Remind me to show you the real thing when I see you.